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    2504.1The importance of zoning as a tool for implementing the Comprehensive Plan, particularly the Future Land Use Map, is discussed in several places in the Comprehensive Plan. The Home Rule Charter requires that zoning “shall not be inconsistent” with the Comprehensive Plan. Consequently, revisions to the Comprehensive Plan should be followed by revisions to the Zone Map, with an emphasis on removing clear inconsistencies. 2504.1


    2504.2However, the zoning impact of the District Elements of the Comprehensive Plan is broad, and is not limited to areas where Comprehensive Plan/ Zone Residents participate in a Small Area Plan meeting. Map inconsistencies are present. Additional zoning map amendments may be needed to achieve neighborhood revitalization or conservation goals. The Zoning Regulations themselves need substantial revision and reorganization, ranging from new definitions to updated development and design standards, and even new zones. A major revision to the Zoning Regulations is planned for 2007-2009. Action items throughout the Comprehensive Plan have been listed for consideration during this effort, eventually enabling zoning to work more effectively as a Comprehensive Plan implementation tool. Table 25-1 highlights all zoning-related actions that are included in the Comprehensive Plan. 2504.2


    2504.3Policy IM-1.3.1: Updating Land Use Controls


    Regularly review and update the District’s land use controls and building codes to eliminate obsolete regulations and develop new regulations that address emerging issues, land uses, building types, and technologies. 2504.3


    2504.4Policy IM-1.3.2: Zone Map Consistency


    Consistent with the Home Rule Charter, ensure that the Zone Map is not inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map. Make appropriate revisions to the Zone Map to improve its alignment with the Future Land Use Map and to eliminate clear inconsistencies. 2504.4


    2504.5Policy IM-1.3.3: Consultation of Comprehensive Plan in Zoning Decisions


    Require the Board of Zoning Adjustment, the Zoning Commission, the Zoning Administrator, and other District agencies or decision making bodies regulating land use to look to the District Elements of the Comprehensive Plan and its accompanying Maps. Decisions on requests for rezoning shall be guided by the Future Land Use Map read in conjunction with the text of the Plan (Citywide and Area Elements) as well as Small Area Plans pertaining to the area proposed for rezoning. 2504.5


    2504.6Policy IM-1.3.4: Interpretation of the District Elements


    Recognize the overlapping nature of the Comprehensive Plan elements as they are interpreted and applied. An element may be tempered by one or more of the other elements. As noted at Section 300.2, since the Land Use Element integrates the policies of all other District elements, it should be given greater weight than the other elements. 2504.6


    2504.7Policy IM-1.3.5: District Government Compliance


    Ensure continued compliance by the government of the District of Columbia with the provisions and standards of its building and zoning regulations in all parts of the city. 2504.7


    2504.8Action IM-1.3.A: Zone Map Revision


    Undertake a comprehensive revision to the District’s Zone Map to eliminate inconsistencies between zoning and the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map and other Comprehensive Plan Maps, including those showing historic districts. 2504.8


    2504.9Action IM-1.3.B: Comprehensive Plan / Zoning Correspondence Table


    Prepare and publish general guidelines which indicate which zone districts are “clearly consistent”, “potentially consistent”, and “clearly inconsistent” with each Comprehensive Plan Land Use Category. 2504.9


    2504.10Action IM-1.3.C: Review of Definitions


    Review the definitions used in planning, zoning, building, and housing codes to determine if changes are needed to establish consistency between District agencies. 2504.10


    2504.11Action IM-1.3.D: Adoption of Future Land Use Map and Policy Map


    Adopt the Future Land Use Map and Policy Map by “Act.” Any inconsistencies in land use map designations between the illustration on the map and the textual description of the map designation that is contained in the adopted Comprehensive Plan legislation shall be resolved in favor of the text. 2504.11



The provisions of Title 10, Part A of the DCMR accessible through this web interface are codification of the District Elements of the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital. As such, they do not represent the organic provisions adopted by the Council of the District of Columbia. The official version of the District Elements only appears as a hard copy volume of Title 10, Part A published pursuant to section 9a of the District of Columbia Comprehensive Plan Act of 1994, effective April 10, 1984 (D.C. Law 5-76; D.C. Official Code § 1 -301.66)) . In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions accessible through this site and the provisions contained in the published version of Title 10, Part A, the provisions contained in the published version govern. A copy of the published District Elements is available