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  • 1504.1 Relief to the requirements of Subtitle C §§ 1500.6 – 1500.10 and 1502 may be granted as a special exception by the Board of Zoning Adjustment subject to Subtitle X, Chapter 9 and subject to the following considerations:

    (a) The strict application of the requirements of this chapter would result in construction that is unduly restrictive, prohibitively costly, or unreasonable, or is inconsistent with building codes;

    (b) The relief requested would result in a better design of the roof structure without appearing to be an extension of the building wall;

    (c) The relief requested would result in a roof structure that is visually less intrusive; 

    (d) Operating difficulties such as meeting D.C. Construction Code, Title 12 DCMR requirements for roof access and stairwell separation or elevator stack location to achieve reasonable efficiencies in lower floors; size of building lot; or other conditions relating to the building or surrounding area make full compliance unduly restrictive, prohibitively costly or unreasonable;

    (e) Every effort has been made for the housing for mechanical equipment, stairway, and elevator penthouses to be in compliance with the required setbacks; and

    (f) The intent and purpose of this chapter and this title shall not be materially impaired by the structure, and the light and air of adjacent buildings shall not be affected adversely.

    1504.2 Relief shall not be granted to the setback requirements of Subtitle C § 1502 for a roof structure located on a building constructed to the maximum height allowed by the Height Act. 

    1504.3 A request to add penthouse habitable space to a building approved by the Zoning Commission as a planned unit development or through the design review requirements of Subtitle X, Chapters 3 and 6 prior to January 8, 2016, may be filed as a minor modification for placement on the Zoning Commission consent calendar, pursuant to Subtitle Z § 703, provided:

    (a) The item shall not be placed on a consent calendar for a period of thirty (30) days minimum following the filing of the application; and

    (b) The Office of Planning shall submit a report with recommendation a minimum of seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.

    1504.4 In addition to meeting the requirements of Subtitle X, Chapter 9, an application made pursuant to Subtitle C § 1504.3 shall include:

    (a) A fully dimensioned copy of the approved and proposed roof -plan and elevations as necessary to show the changes;

    (b) A written comparison of the proposal to the Zoning Regulations; and

    (c) Verification that the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission has been notified of the request.




§ 1 of the Zoning Act of 1938, approved June 20, 1938 (52 Stat. 797, as amended; D.C. Official Code § 6-641.01 (2012 Repl.)).


Final Rulemaking published at 63 DCR 2447, 2712 (March 4, 2016 – Part 2); as amended by Final Rulemaking published at 63 DCR 10932 (August 26, 2016).