Section 11-C800. INTRODUCTION  

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  • 800.1 Any building permit application for new construction or addition to an existing building shall be accompanied by a bicycle parking plan, which shall be depicted on detailed site plans and building plans and demonstrate full compliance with this chapter.

    800.2 The Zoning Administrator may at his or her discretion, request that District Department of Transportation review and make a recommendation regarding any item on the bicycle parking plan prior to approving the building permit application.

    800.3 No certificate of occupancy shall be issued unless the bicycle parking spaces have been constructed in accordance with the approved bicycle parking plan.




§ 1 of the Zoning Act of 1938, approved June 20, 1938 (52 Stat. 797, as amended; D.C. Official Code § 6-641.01 (2012 Repl.)).


Final Rulemaking published at 63 DCR 2447, 2712 (March 4, 2016 – Part 2).