Section 17-4613. CREDENTIALING  

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    4613.1The Board may accept credentialing documentation from commercial or professional credentialing services that are certified as primary sources by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAT3O) or other organizations the Board approves in its discretion.


    4613.2Any credentialing organizations that desire to provide services to applicants shall be pre-approved by the Board.


    4613.3The Board may deny approval of any credentialing organizations through its discretion for the following reasons:


    (a)The documents submitted for pre-approval are of poor quality;


    (b)The organization has lost its certification as a primary source; and


    (c)The Board is unable to verify the accuracy or authenticity of the credentials provided by the organization.



Final Rulemaking published at 52 DCR 6834 (July 22, 2005).