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    7707.1Except as provided in § 7707.2, this section shall apply to applicants for the renewal, reactivation, and reinstatement of a license.


    7707.2This section shall not apply to applicants for an initial license or applicants for the first renewal of a license after the initial grant.


    7707.3Continuing education credit shall be granted only for programs or activities approved by the Board in accordance with section 7708.


    7707.4To qualify for the renewal of a license, an applicant shall have completed thirty (30) hours of approved continuing education during the two (2)-year period preceding the date the license expires, subject to the following requirements:


    (a) A minimum of fifteen (15) of the thirty (30) hours shall be completed in a live, face-to-face setting that provides for direct, real-time interaction between presenter(s) and participants;


    (b) Six (6) hours of the thirty (30) hours shall be in ethics; and


    (c) Applicants seeking the renewal of a license on or before December 31, 2018, may complete, as part of the remaining twenty-four (24) hours, continuing education in current and emerging issues in marriage and family therapy such as the study of:


    (1)Non-traditional families;


    (2)Domestic violence;






    (5)End-of-life issues;


    (6)Addiction and psychopharmacology; or


    (7)Trauma; or


    (d)Applicants seeking the renewal of a license after December 31, 2018, shall have completed two (2) hours of LGBTQ continuing education and, as part of the remaining twenty-two (22) hours, may complete continuing education in current and emerging issues in marriage and family therapy as enumerated in subparagraph (c) above.


    7707.5To qualify for a license, a person in inactive status within the meaning of Section 511 of the Act (D.C. Official Code § 3-1205.11 (2001 ed.)) who submits an application to reactivate a license shall submit proof of having met the continuing education requirements for each licensing period that the license was in inactive status.


    7707.6To qualify for a license, an applicant for reinstatement of a license to practice marriage and family therapy pursuant to Section 512 of the Act (D.C. Official Code § 3-1205.12 (2001 ed.)) shall submit proof of having completed fifteen (15) hours of credit in an approved continuing education program for each year after March 31, 2006 that the applicant was not licensed, up to a maximum of seventy-five (75) hours.


    7707.7An applicant for license renewal, reactivation, or reinstatement under this section shall prove completion of required continuing education credits by submitting with the application the following information with respect to each program:


    (a)The name and address of the sponsor of the program;


    (b)The name of the program, its location, a description of the subject matter covered, and the names of the instructors;


    (c)The dates on which the applicant attended the program;


    (d)The hours of credit claimed; and


    (e)Verification by the sponsor of completion, by signature or stamp.


    7707.8The Board shall accept for continuing education credit any credits or courses approved or accredited by the following organizations:


    (a) The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT);


    (b) The National Association of Social Workers (NASW);


    (c) The American Psychological Association (APA);


    (d) The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC);


    (e)The American Counseling Association (ACA); or


    (f) Other state Marriage and Family Therapy boards.


    7707.9The Board may require proof of a licensee's completion of continuing education at the completion of a renewal period. A licensee shall:


    (a)Maintain the required proof of completion for each continuing competence activity as specified in these regulations; and


    (b)Retain documentation of a continuing competence activity for a minimum of two (2) years following the last day of the license renewal period for which the continuing competence activity was completed.


    7707.10The Board may audit up to twenty percent (20%) of the number of licensees to determine compliance with the continuing education contact hour requirements.


    7707.11Upon notification by the Board that a licensee has been selected for an audit, the licensee shall submit the required documentation within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice.


    7707.12Licensees who fail to provide proof of continuing education compliance during an audit may be subject to an audit in the subsequent renewal cycle.




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