Section 17-8499. DEFINITIONS

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  • 8499.1The following terms and phrases shall have the meanings ascribed:


    Applicant a person applying for a registration to practice as a speech-language pathology clinical fellow under this chapter.


    Boardthe Board of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, established by Section 841 of the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Amendment Act of 2006, effective March 6, 2007 (D.C. Law 16-219; D.C. Official Code § 3-1208.41 (2007 Repl.)).


    Clinical fellowa person who is registered pursuant to this chapter and completing the clinical fellowship requirements set forth under 17 DCMR § 7903.


    Clinical fellow supervisor – a speech-language pathologist who is the supervisor of a clinical fellow.


    Clinical fellowship – a period of supervised and mentored professional experience in the practice of speech-language pathology engaged by a person with a graduate degree in speech-language pathology in order to qualify for independent practice or licensure.


    General supervision – supervision in which the clinical fellow supervisor is available to the clinical fellow under supervision, either in person or by a communications device.


    Good cause – serious illness of the applicant, the death or serious illness of a member of the applicant’s immediate family, or other cause sufficient to the Board.


    Supervision – on-site or other personal and direct oversight and involvement of a clinical fellow supervisor in any and all ways that will permit the supervisor to monitor, improve, and evaluate the clinical fellow’s performance in professional employment according to the degree of oversight and involvement necessary to support the particular clinical fellow’s development in self-recognition of clinical and professional strengths and areas requiring additional development of skills.




Section 302(14) of the District of Columbia Health Occupations Revision Act of 1985 (“the Act”), effective March 25, 1986 (D.C. Law 6-99; D.C. Official Code § 3-1203.02(14) (2016 Repl.)), and Mayor’s Order 98-140, dated August 20, 1998.


Final Rulemaking published at 64 DCR 6632 (July 14, 2017).