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    2401.1If no curb space is available within a reasonable distance, a passenger vehicle may stand parallel and as near as practicable to other parked vehicles, only long enough to take on passengers who are actually waiting at the curb or to leave off passengers.


    2401.2Unless prohibited by § 2402, a vehicle may stop parallel and as near as practicable to parked vehicles while loading; Provided, that the vehicle while so parked will not unreasonably impede or interfere with orderly two-way traffic, or on a one-way street, that at least one lane is kept open for moving traffic.


    2401.3On any street, highway, or any portion of a street or highway, where parking is prohibited but stopping and standing are not prohibited, passenger vehicles may stop momentarily to load and unload passengers, and any vehicle may stop long enough to actually load and unload materials.


    2401.4When stopping to load and unload school children along the roadway, a school bus driver shall pull as far to the right as is safe, at a place on the roadway where there is three hundred feet (300 ft.) or more of clear sight distance to the front and rear, and stop only for such time as is actually necessary to take on or discharge passengers.


    2401.5Before making a stop to load or unload passengers, a school bus driver shall actuate the flashing white stroboscopic light not less than three hundred feet (300 ft.) distant from the stop, and allow the light to remain flashing until the bus resumes motion after the stop.


    2401.6At each stop to pick up or discharge one or more school children, the school bus driver shall actuate the flashing red light during the time that the bus is stopped to pick up or discharge passengers, and shall turn off the light when the bus resumes motion.


    2401.7Commercial vehicles shall not be parked at an angle to the curb or perpendicular to the curb on any roadway or alley except for the delivery of coal or objects which require the services of two (2) or more men or special equipment (such as a winch or hoist) to load or unload, and then only for so long as may be actually necessary for such loading or unloading.


    2401.8A four-wheeled, animal-drawn vehicle, a tractor-trailer, or tractor semi-trailer combination shall stand so that the animals or tractor are parallel with the curb, facing in the direction of traffic.


    2401.9In the following designated market areas, vehicles may park at an angle to the curb when parking of vehicles is otherwise permitted:


    (a)The west side of 7th Street, S.E. between C Street and North Carolina Avenue; and


    (b)All streets in the area of the Union Market Terminal bounded by the north curb of Florida Avenue, the west curb of 6th Street, the south curb of Penn Street and the Pennsylvania Railroad siding.