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    502.1Equipment rooms shall have either forced draft or cross ventilation.


    502.2All below grade equipment rooms shall have a stairway access with forced draft ventilation or a fully louvered door and louvered vent on at least one other side.


    502.3Where stairway access is not necessary to carry heavy items into the below grade room or vault, a “ship’s ladder” may be used if approved by the Department.


    502.4The opening to an equipment room shall be a minimum of three feet by six feet (3 ft. x 6 ft.) and shall provide easy access to the equipment.


    502.5A hose bibb with vacuum breaker shall be located in the equipment room.


    502.6A carbon monoxide detector with local alarming, listed and labeled in accordance with UL Standard 2075, shall be installed in all equipment rooms and rooms adjacent to spaces containing fuel-burning equipment or vents carrying the products of combustion.




Section 4902 of the Department of Health Functions Clarification Act of 2001 (“Act”) effective October 3, 2001 (D.C. Law 14-28; D.C. Official Code § 7-731(a)(11) (2012 Repl. & 2016 Supp.)), and Mayor’s Order 2001-111, dated August 6, 2001.


Final Rulemaking published at 64 DCR 5359 (June 9, 2017).