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    5300.1The Office of the State Superintendent of Education in cooperation with District of Columbia Public Schools, District of Columbia Public Charter Schools and the District of Columbia Department of Health, shall enforce immunization requirements for Public School admission, as set forth in this chapter.


    5300.2Each student attending a Public School shall be required to present valid written immunization certification documenting that the student has been successfully immunized in accordance with current Department of Health immunization requirements.


    5300.3All immunization requirements shall be established by the Department of Health, and distributed by the Public Schools, including as appropriate, advice published by public health officials and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices also often referred to as the ACIP.


    5300.4School officials shall maintain documentary proof of each student’s immunization certification, recorded in the student’s permanent school record. Compliance with the immunization requirements shall be verified by the appropriate school officials at the following times:


    (a)All students upon entry into Kindergarten;


    (b)All students entering first grade;


    (c)All students upon entry into sixth grade;


    (d)All students upon entry into ninth grade;


    (e)All students upon initial enrollment into any school; and


    (f)Any student upon reenrollment into any school, after more than one year’s absence from that school.


    5300.5A student who has been admitted to a Public School and is subsequently discovered not to have all requisite immunizations, or a student who has not been immunized in accordance with the Department of Health requirements, must be notified in writing immediately, that within ten (10) school days from the date of the written notification specified in Section 5300.6(a), the student shall obtain and present certification that the required immunization has been completed; or is proceeding in accordance with the Department of Health immunization requirements, taking into account as appropriate recommendations of public health officials and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.


    5300.6When school officials determine that a student is not currently immunized, the school shall immediately:


    (a)Notify the parent, guardian, or adult student in writing, including notice of the immunization requirements with copies of the appropriate forms;


    (b)Notify the Department of Health or other designated authority of the name and address of the student and of the immunization(s) that the student lacks; and


    (c)Provide information to the student’s parent, guardian, or adult student with the cooperation of the Department of Health, for obtaining the required immunization(s), including times and locations.


    5300.7The Public Schools shall prohibit from further attendance any student who fails to obtain or maintain the required conditions and immunization in accordance with Section 5300.5.


    5300.8If the required immunization necessitates continuing treatment or a series of treatments, the student shall be allowed to attend school while the treatment is being received under the following conditions:


    (a)The student presents written notification from the attending physician or from public health authorities that attendance is appropriate and treatment is in progress;


    (b)Written certification of immunization shall be submitted upon completion of treatment; and


    (c)The immunization record of each student admitted conditionally shall be reviewed periodically to confirm and update documentation of subsequent immunizations required to ensure the student is fully immunized within the time periods designated by the Department of Health and this Chapter.


    5300.9Immunization records forwarded from a student's previous school that contain all of the immunization information required may be accepted by the principal or other appropriate school official in lieu of new certification of immunization data.


    5300.10When a school has a reasonable basis to believe that a student who is not fully immunized against a specific communicable disease, as defined by the Department of Heath, in Title 22 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, may have been exposed to that disease, the school shall immediately report the information to the Department of Health; discuss with the appropriate official at the Department of Health whether the student is at risk of developing the disease and whether the student should be excluded from attending school until completion of the incubation period or during the period that the disease is considered communicable.


    5300.11The immunization requirements subject to this Chapter, shall not apply to any student whose parent or guardian objects in writing to the immunization on grounds that the medical treatment or medical test is forbidden by their religion or religious beliefs and practices.


    5300.12Any immunization or medical tests subject to this Chapter, shall be waived for a student upon submission of written certification by a physician, his/her representative, by a public health authority, or by public immunization records from a previous school.


    5300.13School authorities may exclude from regular instruction a student who is not immunized and provide for special instruction for the student.




    Immunization or Immunization requirements - the initial immunization and any additional re-immunization required to maintain immunization.


    Public School - the District of Columbia Public Schools or a District of Columbia Public Charter School or program sponsored by these schools.


    OSSE - the Office of the State Superintendent of Education.


    Certificate or certification of immunization - means certification by a physician, his/her representative, by a public health authority, or by public immunization records from a previous school.


    Religion or religious belief - any system of beliefs, practices or ethical values.



Final Rulemaking published at 55 DCR 010166 (October 3, 2008).