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    1308.1The personnel authority may make arrangements for employee development and training with colleges, universities, other institutions of higher education, or private sector organizations, as appropriate.


    1308.2Authorization of proposed training in a non-District government facility pursuant to § 1308.1 shall be based on a determination that the facility is capable of providing the required training effectively and in a timely fashion, and that equivalent training is not available from District-government sponsored programs.


    1308.3Training shall not be allowed in or by any facility that discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, familial status, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, disability, source of income, place of residence or business, or other factors unrelated to the need for training.


    1308.4Pursuant to this chapter, each personnel authority may establish appropriate limitations on the amount of on-duty time an employee may be granted for training.


    1308.5The personnel authority shall execute a written training agreement with each non-District government entity or facility selected for employee development activities under this chapter. The following information shall be included in written training agreements for employee development activities conducted by, in, or through non District government facilities:


    (a)That all training materials, audio-visual aids, books, and publications developed as a direct result of the contract shall become the property of the District government;


    (b)That all supplies, materials, equipment, and other property purchased and billed to the District government by the contractor shall become the property of the District government upon the conclusion of the contract; and


    (c)That the contractor shall be paid only upon submission of the required deliverable and an itemized invoice signed by the contractor listing all costs and charges, and the period of services.



Notice of Final Rulemaking published at 51 DCR 89 (January 2, 2004).