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    4003.1No person shall cheat or assist another in cheating on an examination required under this subtitle or the Act.


    4003.2As used in this section, "cheating" includes, but is not limited to, the following:


    (a)Communication relating to the examination between applicants inside or outside of an examination room or copying another applicant's answers while an examination is in progress;


    (b)Communication relating to an examination with others outside of an examination room while the examination is in progress;


    (c)Substitution by an applicant of another person to sit in an examination room in the applicant's place; and


    (d)Use of crib sheets, text books, or other materials not authorized by the board inside or outside an examination room while an examination is in progress.


    4003.3If a person designated to proctor an examination suspects that an applicant is cheating or has cheated on the examination, the person shall do the following:


    (a)If necessary, seat the applicant in a segregated location for the remainder of the examination;


    (b)Keep a record of the applicant's seat location and identification number, and the names and identification numbers of the applicants on either side of the applicant;


    (c)Confiscate any materials or devices that are suspected of being used by the applicant to cheat on the examination;


    (d)Permit the applicant to complete the examination; and


    (e)Notify the testing service, the board, and the Director that the applicant is suspected of cheating and provide the board with a copy of the examination booklet and any evidence obtained by the person proctoring the examination.


    4003.4If a board has cause to believe that an applicant has cheated or has failed to comply with an instruction of a proctor given pursuant of § 4003.3, it may propose to deny a license, impose a civil fine, or take other actions pursuant to the procedures set forth in § 4102 of Chapter 41 of this title.


    4003.5If a board determines, in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 41 of this title, that an applicant cheated on an examination, in addition to any other consequences under the Act or this subtitle, the applicant shall not be eligible to take another examination for a period of one (1) year from the date of the decision of the board, or other period established by the board in its order.




Sections 302(13) and (14) of the District of Columbia Health Occupations Revision Act of 1985, effective March 25, 1986 (D.C. Law 6-99; D.C. Official Code § 2-3303.2(13) and (14) (1981 ed.)), and Mayor’s Order No. 86-110, dated July 19, 1986.


Final Rulemaking published at 34 DCR 5859, 5861 (September 11, 1987).